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{Minimum Wage}~{Socialism}

Minimum Wage

On October 1st [2018] the legal minimum wage in Berkeley increases to $15 an hour. And to prevent inflation from eroding its value, beginning next year on July 1 the minimum wage will increase in tandem with the rate of inflation. Unlike most minimum wage laws, including the federal law, the Berkeley ordinance is among the very few that will adjust the minimum wage to the rising cost of living. ...Also, employers are required to pay sick leave, which is up to 48 hours in businesses that employ under 25 employees. That's the equivalent of six days for full time workers. For larger businesses, the law entitles workers to sick leave up to 72 hours, which is the equivalent of 9 days. Especially important, the law has teeth. Employers who violate the ordinance could be fined as high as $1,000 for retaliation against an employee for exercising his or her rights, and up to $500 for other violations including the failure to post notices that inform employees of their rights. important concession that was made is to allow nonprofit and governmental entities to hire young people at lower wages provided the job includes a serious training and education component.... [Public Comment "Hurray Berkeley! $15 An Hour On October 1" by Harry Brill, Friday September 28, 2018, The Berkeley Daily Planet]

{Minimum Wage}~{Socialism}


The system at work in the United States appears to be socialism that supports and favors corporations and wealthy persons over people in the middle & lower class economic conditions. This is also, ironically, a degenerate implementation of capitalism where the wealthy are in control of government. This is not the only way to implement socialism, nor is it a humane way. Preferable models provide for the health, shelter, food requirements and overall well being of all members of the society along some reasonable standards.