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Happy New Year 2018!!!

[For our New Year card, we reminisce on the highlights of the previous year, in this case 2017...]

Highights of 2017 (in 12 photos): 

On a visit to the UC Berkeley Art Museum, we saw a photo of John and Yoko. Now, we don’t think we really resemble them, but some people have implicated that they think a resemblance exists, so we asked a passing art browser to take this photo.
Alan and Diane in UC Berkeley Art Museum

The big event of 2017 was the Great American Eclipse (August 21) that we experienced along with Alan’s brother Dan and his wife Susan at Terrebonne OR. Diane took this photo, getting ready for viewing the eclipse—binoculars with solar filters, welder's glass on cardboard frame, and what-not. (left to right: Dan, Susan, Alan).
Dan, Susan; Alan at eclipse site

Here is Diane's hand-held iPhone photo of totality. 
Didn't quite capture the the true awesomeness.
Total eclipse 2018 Aug 21 from Terrebonne Oregon

The day after the eclipse, we relaxed at the Redmond airport waiting for our flight, sipping Bloody Marys. 
(Left to right: Diane, Alan, Dan, Susan)
Diane, Alan, Dan, Susan sipping Bloody Marys

Here is Alan amidst other alumni of the George Washington High School class of '67 at  our 50-year reunion. He was on the planning committee.
Alan amidst other alumnae of the George Washington High School class of '67 at  our 50-year reunion

Before returning to Berkeley from Alan's 50-year high school reunion, we had a beer with my brother Richard's wife (widow), Susan Kaplan and his best friend from childhood, Bob Tichy. 
Alan, Susan, Diane, and Tichy

In September, Diane, her college friend Tina, and Alan went to a wine harvest “boot camp” at Trefethen vineyards where we learned all about picking grapes and other aspects of grape harvest for wine-making. This photo shows Diane very happily doing her part with a grapevine cutting knife. 
Diane very happily doing her part with a grapevine cutting knife

Perhaps the biggest achievement of the year was the publication of Alan’s brother Richard’s book Refusal to Submit, that is about Richard’s refusal to serve in the army during the Vietnam War and subsequent imprisonment. Alan, his older brother Dan, Richard’s widow Susan Kaplan, and daughter Sarah all worked together to get the book finished after Richard’s untimely death in 2013, with 99.9% of his book complete. Here is Al;an holding his first copy! (Find out more about this book at

Alan holding a copy of Refusal to Submit

On October 29 we were treated to a VIP tour at Lick Observatory on Mt Hamilton (near San Jose). Here's Alan standing by one of the smaller telescopes. UC Professor Alex Filippenko was giving us the tour.
Alan standing by one of the smaller telescopes

This photo taken August 10 is of Alan's Venus Flytrap that he won at a the annual banquet of the Eastbay Astronomical Society earlier in the year. Did it bite off more than it could chew?
Venus Flytrap

Finally, here is a photo, not from this year obviously since my brother Dick passed away in 2013. But it's a nice picture taken by Diane at an art event where Susan Sternleib (Dan's wife) was showcasing  ceramics that she had made. (Left to right: Alan Dan, Susan, Dick)
Dick, Dan, Alan, Susan