Happy New Year 2017
[For our New Year card, we reminisce on the highlights of the previous year, in this case 2016...]

Alan and Diane at Graeagle CA
Alan & Diane in Graeagle.
Alan and Diane did not travel a lot in 2016.

We did manage a visit to Alcatraz Island, which neither of us had been to before.

We went to the wedding of Diane's second cousin Kai at Graeagle CA (married Nate Springer). It's north of Lake Tahoe in beautifully forested Sierra Nevada country.

And we don't remember much what happened in the latter part of 2016. Everything went black after Nov. 8th.

Alan and Diane with John Leguizamo at Books Inc bookstore
Alan, John Leguizamo, and Diane at Books Inc.
We saw John Leguizamo perform a one-man play, Latin History for Morons, at the Berkeley Repertory Theater. We later sighted him at the Berkeley Farmer's Market, heard him give a talk at Books Inc bookstore, and posed for photo with him there.
Roof replacement
Roof replacement.
We ended up replacing our roof in 2016.

Alan and Morris Dees at Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley
Alan and Morris Dees at Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley.
Alan went to a talk by Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, defender of minority & immigrant rights; monitor of white supremacists & hate crimes.
This New Year's card is online at http://www.uncleal.net/alan/alan-diane/2017 with links to more photos.