Happy New Year 2014!
[For our New Year "card", we reminisce on the highlights of the previous year, in this case 2013...]

Message from Alan:
2013 was a year of huge personal changes. Started with my brother Dick’s death last January---a real shock that I’m still reeling from. Then in July...retirement. Had a huge party with people from all over---one of the only big parties I’ve been to where I knew all the people. Got some interesting gifts, but I gave myself the best one: an electric car (Nissan Leaf).  I had long ago concluded that the major car companies would never step up to the plate of a path to breaking fossil fuel addiction. But son of a gun I was wrong.  I have never enjoyed driving a car so much ever in my life. And I’m not really retired...got hired back 20% time for certain projects that are of special interest for me.  Perfect.

photo of Alan & Diane

We’re planning trips to China summer of 2014 and Iceland for total solar eclipse of 2015.
Message from Diane:
Unlike Alan, it is hard  to describe accomplishments at work.    It was easier as a surgical pathologist to finish a case, and have a direct hand in making a diagnosis that would lead to a patient’s care and  treatment.   It’s taken over 5 years for me to become comfortable in the role of a technical director of cytology and histology.   I do some teaching, but mainly  help oversee the processes, identification,  preparation, processing, staining,  quality and delivery, of creating the slides that I used to read on a daily basis.    The ultimate goals are maintaining a specimen’s integrity, patient identification and safety.   You want the right patient specimen on the right (correctly) labeled slide.   Unlike automated chemistry and hematology, cytology and histology are quite manual.    I’ve been working with many others in my laboratory to introduce systems to reduce errors.   While we have made great improvements, it is an on-going process.  

More photos
Joanna Gould with Dad and Uncle Al

Joanna Gould at medical school graduation picnic, Creighton University, May 2013. Proud Uncle Al on left and proud Dad Dan on right.

Our first new year table (2014).

Our first new year table planned & prepared by "the kids" 
 (Diane & Paula); 2014.
Alan's e-bike

Alan's e-bike that has been a reliable commute bike to go up the steep hill to work. Takes about 20 min with e-bike, as opposed to about 40 min with regular bike.
Solar charging our Leaf

Our blue Nissan Leaf (electric car) is parked here in a lot in Novato CA, plugged into a charging station (right behind the white car). If you look carefully, there is a wire going from the charging station to solar panel on the roof.  This this the first time we've gotten a solar powered vehicle (at least part-ways).