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I'm a retired UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science curriculum developer. For 12 years (2000-2012), I worked 50% time on a grant to develop and disseminate education & public outreach media & materials for the NASA Kepler Mission (the 12-year Discovery mission that found over 2300 exoplanets in 4 years of active data collection). I started work at Lawrence Hall of Science in 1974 as a part-time planetarium show presenter in the Holt Planetarium, later developing audience-participation planetarium shows. 



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Alan also plays the french horn tolerably.

LHS planetarium

The Lawrence Hall of Science Digital Planetarium

Sign in front of the planetarium
Close-up of sign acknowledging origin of the planetarium.
Signs in front of the planetarium
Signs near the planetarium entrance.
2nd photo of Alan
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day...

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